Alice Capoani dancing Lindy Hop with Samuel Coleman in  Harlem on 23rd April 2014.

Alice Capoani dancing Lindy Hop with Samuel Coleman in Harlem on 23rd April 2014.


Ice dancing with Alice

Ice dancing with Alice



Day 1

Hi everybody! Well, we made it. Many people contacted us after our #Swingtrip blog was created last week to provide us with details about upcoming events and their own past experiences dancing and listening to Swing in New York. Special thanks to MariaSerana Giordani, Pierangelo di Sanzo, Paolo Petrozziello, Paolo Pasta Lanna, Mariella Fuhr, Judy Pritchett, Andrew Holgate, Debbie Moran and Stacey Loren Merkl to name but a few. We also got great replies after posting on NYC Swing Dancers. One of the recurrent pieces of advice was to check out:


It’s great!

The trip on Wednesday with United Airlines was fine but immigration control at Newark (NOT New York!!) airport in New Jersey-across the river from New York- and the poor train system meant we arrived in Brooklyn 4 hours after landing!!! So be warned. Newark can be slowwww.

So, completely exhausted we had a choice to make – take it easy for the night or go uptown to Harlem to dance Lindy Hop. Well, you ALREADY know what we decided to do… WE DANCED IN HARLEM.Ice shaking it down

We met wonderful people from The Harlem Swing Dance Society. Not only that but we asked Vergie Savage Branch, one of the society’s principal organizers, for an interview about Lindy Hop in Harlem in the past, in the present and future plans including celebrations for Frankie Manning’s Centennial.1965619_10152052129212727_1246171847743951613_o

Here’s the interview at Jude’s YouTube site

and some photos from our wonderful night there!

Enjoy and swing out!

Jude & Alice




Samuel Coleman with Alice

Samuel Coleman with Alice





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